About Royal Teak India

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RoyalTeak India started its journey way back in 2016 offering premium home furniture and interior solutions under the banner MySpace furniture now we are a manufacturer, supplier, and dealer of wooden furniture. Over the last years, RoyalTeak India started focusing on pure teak wood furniture products and helped our customers get the best of teakwood furniture for their homes. RoyalTeak sources its teak from the forests of Kerala which is known for its longevity and durability. We compete with brands offering furniture made of other material which is not teak and still claim to offer teak or teak-like products. Thankfully no other wood can come with a finish and grain structure that teakwood can offer hence customers can easily differentiate between fake and original teakwood.

RoyalTeak believes in offering the best of Teakwood furniture and help customers create a royal-looking space at their home and office. 

RoyalTeak India also now focuses only on teakwood and we have stopped dealing with other woods like acacia, rosewood, oakwood, or Sheesham to avoid confusion and our customer can choose the real teakwood furniture with the RoyalTeak seal.

Furniture from Royal teak is made by the best craftsmen in the industry and is purely handmade without any machines except for cutting the wood. RoyalTeak promises to deliver the best quality teak wood furniture at all times- our 10 years warranty on the products are a confirmation of the same

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Do you provide any location delivery?

Yes, we deliver to most of the major cities in India. But we still recommend checking your location before placing the order online

How do I return an item?


Teakwood furniture products are usually heavy in weight and it's technically not possible for us to entertain any return policy. However, we are growing our number of stores. You can visit the nearby store and check the product before ordering online or at the store

How do I track my order?


Once the order and payment are completed we will share with you the docket details of the shipment which can be used for tracking. The usual delivery period for locations where we do not have a physical store is 4-6 weeks

What does the 10 years warranty cover?

10 years warranty is for any natural wear and tear on the teak and any manufacturing process-related damages are covered. Polish however is not covered in the warranty. RoyalTeak use the best teak wood and the product has a lifecycle of more than 20 years