Teak, the exquisite display of antiqueness, resulting in a retro look in a modern household.

Not only does teak give a splendid look to our household, but with the durability and weather resistance, it imparts a perfect feel of serenity at our homes. Nowadays, every household has its own unique look, owing to a particular characteristic, a particular taste and teak have been one of the topmost choices from wooden cottages to a modern era look, having its roots to the soil.

There are different types of teak woods available that have diversity in quality. The wood from the center of the teak is the heart, and from the periphery is known as sapwood. The central layers of the teak tree will retain more oils and rubber than the outer layers and give different texture to teak wood.

Identifying the Real Teak

For the extravagant look for your household, you need to identify the best teak available before you invest your hard earned money into something so intricate Trustworthy teak wood furniture manufacturer is a must.

The DNA of the teak

The grain of teak is used to identify the real teak as the grain is often the result of the cutting method used for these. Teak is often cut in the same direction to give the best lengths of wood from a single tree. The grains found in teak are often the result of plain sewing and hence give beautiful and long grains.

These grains are the striking features in teak, so along with the brown texture, look for the long or straight grain pattern and you will be able to identify your teak amongst other similarly-coloured woods.

Colour of the wood:

The colour of teak wood varies widely on what species a tree is and what part of the tree the wood is from. Colour ranges from dark golden-brown to yellowish-white. Most of the teak used in households and gardens is Golden brown.

Teak wood used in the Furniture from RoyalTeak India comes from the forests of kerala and is mostly golden brown.

Polish can be done to give Matte or glossy look but the main colour of the teak wood never changes.

Weight of the wood

Weight is another way to identify teak wood. If it is real teak wood, it will be very dense and moderately heavy. Pick up the wood and check if it is heavy. If it is fibrous, light and porous, it is probably not teak.

Water Test

Most of the wood is generally for indoors as it is not durable and water resistant. But that is not the case for TEAK WOOD. Teak woods go well perfectly for gardens or balcony to have that cup of chai or coffee after a hectic day.

When dropping two points of water dripping on real and fake teak flooring, the water is absorbed quickly by fake teak. Real teak is very slowly, almost no water absorption as you can see in the image below

Here at RoyalTeak India we ensure that our customers get 100% original teak wood furniture, Reach out to us on royalteakindia@gmail.com if we can assist you in purchase of original teak wood furniture

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